Aug 25, 2023
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Why You Should Be Auditing Your Followers on Instagram

The pursuit of more followers on Instagram has led to practices that might not be beneficial in the long run. It's essential to ask yourself: do you value a large number of followers or a smaller, more engaged follower base? Your response will guide your strategy on Instagram, as discussed in this article.

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It's crucial to recognize that strategies effective on Instagram a few years ago may not yield the same results today. The platform's ranking factors are constantly evolving, and staying updated is key for brands.

Previously, having a high follower count was a status symbol on Instagram. However, the focus has shifted towards the quality of those followers, as seen with celebrities blocking followers for inappropriate behavior.

The Follower Count Obsession on Instagram

The allure of a high follower count led to various unnatural methods to increase numbers, including buying followers and engaging in follow-unfollow tactics. These methods were soon rendered ineffective as they did not contribute to genuine engagement.

As Instagram is a social network, fostering authentic audience engagement should be a priority over merely boosting follower numbers.

Understanding the Importance of Engagement Rate

red and white love wall decor Instagram's ongoing growth has increased the demand for original, engaging content. Users are constantly seeking creative and captivating posts, which has led Instagram to modify its algorithm to favor engagement rates and other metrics.

Your engagement rate is the ratio of the number of engagements on your posts to your follower count. It's a critical metric for your business strategy, as Instagram tends to favor posts with higher engagement rates, encouraging users to spend more time on the app.

This focus on engagement rate poses a challenge for accounts with passive followers or bots. While you might be able to inflate your follower count, genuine engagement rates are much harder to manipulate.

Auditing your follower list and removing inactive or non-engaging followers can significantly improve your Instagram presence and performance.

The Significance of Engagement Rates on Instagram

Understanding the importance of engagement rates is crucial for effective Instagram marketing. Let's delve into why these rates matter:

1. Balancing the Playing Field

Engagement rates level the playing field on Instagram. Typically, a larger follower base may lead to lower engagement rates due to the ratio-dependent nature of this metric. This means that even users with fewer followers have the opportunity to reach their audience effectively.

2. Influencer Impact

In the realm of [Influencer marketing], engagement rates are pivotal. Brands now prioritize influencers with high engagement rates over those with just a large follower count. Today, the most successful influencers may not post frequently, but their posts garner significant engagement.

Types of Followers to Remove

people walking on pedestrian lane during daytime To maintain a healthy Instagram profile, consider removing the following types of followers:

1. Users with Mass Followings

Users who follow a large number of accounts often do so expecting a follow-back. Such followers are unlikely to engage meaningfully with your content. Instagram caps the maximum following at 7,500 users. Those approaching this limit are likely not genuine followers.

2. Bots or Fake Accounts

Profiles lacking pictures, posts, or any relevant information are likely bots or fake accounts. These accounts don't add value to your brand's presence.

3. Inactive Followers

Inactive followers negatively impact your engagement rates as they rarely, if ever, interact with your posts. This category also includes business accounts that followed you with the sole intention of gaining a customer.

4. Dormant Accounts

Accounts that have been inactive for a long period, or have abandoned the app, should be removed. Keeping them in the hope they might return is not beneficial for your engagement metrics.

5. Toxic Commenters

Pay attention to the comments on your posts. Any comments that are irrelevant, offensive, or insulting should be promptly addressed and removed.

Regularly auditing your follower list to remove these types of users can help enhance your engagement rate and overall Instagram presence.

Strategies for Removing Toxic Followers on Instagram

why-you-should-be-auditing-your-followers-on-instagram-3-16 When it comes to eliminating toxic followers from your Instagram account, you have two primary options: manual removal or using automation tools. Here's how you can approach each method:

Manual Removal

This method is particularly effective when you spot toxic followers through their interactions, such as inappropriate comments. To manually remove a follower:

  1. Navigate to the follower's profile.
  2. Tap on the 'Remove Follower' option.
  3. Confirm the removal when prompted.

Although manual removal can be time-consuming, it allows for precise control over who you're removing from your follower list.

Using Automation Tools

For a more efficient process, especially when dealing with a large number of followers, consider using automation tools. Applications like Cleaner or Unfollow are designed to identify and remove toxic followers automatically. These tools often provide features to filter and target specific types of followers based on your criteria.

Remember, while automation tools can save time, it's important to use them judiciously to avoid inadvertently removing genuine followers.

Final Thoughts

Regularly auditing your Instagram followers and removing toxic ones is vital for maintaining a healthy and engaging social media presence. Whether you choose manual removal or automation tools, the goal is to foster an audience that genuinely interacts with and supports your content.

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