Sep 07, 2023
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Top 21 Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing can seem daunting, but it's made much simpler with the right tools and solutions. These tools are designed to ease the workload, allowing marketers and brand owners to concentrate on other critical aspects of their business.

In this article, we explore the top social media management software that can help streamline your marketing efforts and reach a broader audience.

Criteria for an Excellent Management Tool

1. Multi-Channel Publishing Capability

top-21-social-media-management-tools-0-65 A tool that allows you to schedule and post content across various social media platforms is invaluable. With social media flooded with content, having a tool that can manage multiple accounts efficiently is a significant advantage.

2. Enhancing Team Collaboration

Tools that facilitate quicker and more efficient responses among team members can significantly improve productivity. However, it's crucial not to become overly dependent on these tools.

3. Utilizing Social Listening

Social listening is vital for identifying customer behaviors and market trends. Advanced social media management platforms greatly simplify this process.

Leading Social Media Management Tools

HubSpot has recently updated its platform, propelling it to the ranks of top social media management tools. It stands out with its extensive integration capabilities and offerings such as mentoring, brand development tools, and networking opportunities.

Sprout Social is renowned for its comprehensive suite of social media tools, user-friendly design, excellent customer support, and intelligent features. It enables you to elevate your content strategy efficiently and affordably.

Sendible is tailored for managing client accounts, providing a host of standard features and customizable settings. Its user-friendly dashboard can be adapted to align with your branding services.

Edgar offers a convenient scheduling platform, organizing content into manageable categories for easy interaction and publishing across different social networks. Its detailed analytics help you understand content engagement, and features like recurring schedules and content recycling allow you to focus on other business areas.

BuzzSumo stands out as a powerful online tool for discovering trending content on websites and social media platforms. By analyzing organic searches and engagement, BuzzSumo helps you identify popular topics and content types.

Creating relevant content can be challenging, but BuzzSumo simplifies this by offering insights into current discussions and personalized search capabilities overcoming content creation challenges.

Gain streamlines the feedback and approval process, allowing you to set up the necessary rounds for customer reviews. It keeps you informed with progress alerts, ensuring you're always updated.

SocialBakers is designed for predictive analytics, robust automation campaigns, and competitive strategy development. It facilitates content collaboration and creativity, consolidating all necessary information in one place for efficiency.

Buffer, a highly efficient social media management tool, now offers three subscription levels:

  • Buffer Publish: Features classic Buffer tools in a cloud-based format.
  • Buffer Reply: Enhances team collaboration and customer service.
  • Buffer Analyze: Tracks marketing metrics with custom templates for different channels like email and social media.

Zoho Social simplifies online brand management, offering post scheduling, performance monitoring, and custom social media performance reports.

Traject is known for its scheduling, analytics, and reporting tools, aiding companies in customer support excellence. It offers intelligent scheduling, comprehensive reporting, and an in-depth social inbox.

Loomly is an affordable alternative for social media campaigns, mirroring Buffer's features like idea generation, post customization, and calendar creation, without the premium cost. It's ideal for cost-effective brand promotion.

Ripl is a versatile tool for creating engaging motion graphics from photos, suitable for videos, GIFs, website banners, emails, and flyers. It offers a library of motion graphics and easy customization options, making professional-quality video creation accessible to all.

Upload your content for the world to see, but don't forget to add hashtags and engaging captions in just one click before sharing on social media.

SEMrush stands out with a feature that allows you to compare your website domain against competitors in traffic, engagement, and revenue. This insight is vital for identifying areas for improvement on your website.

Agorapulse is an excellent choice for social media teams, offering comprehensive publishing, engagement, and social CRM. It's ideal for tracking conversations with followers, influencers, and potential sales leads.

eClincher is designed for social media managers, focusing on optimizing work processes and maximizing brand ROI. It's a time-saver, freeing you to focus on other critical business aspects.

Planable is a versatile tool for planning, creating, and collaborating on content. It enables you to visualize and enhance your social media presence, giving you deeper insights into each channel's impact.

Hootsuite's scheduling tools make posting on platforms like Instagram more efficient. Its desktop interface and mobile app support sharing images, videos, and stories, and it offers a content library, composer, editor, and planner for publishers.

CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar that integrates seamlessly with WordPress, making it easier for teams to scale their blogging efforts. It features a comprehensive "Top Content Report" for tracking social shares and enables simultaneous publishing across social platforms.

MavSocial caters to small and medium businesses, simplifying social media marketing tasks. It's used by marketing consultants for blogging, social media posting, and managing team permissions.

Oktopost is tailored for marketers, with features for scheduling, posting, and tracking audience engagement. It's designed by marketers, for marketers.

Despite Google+'s discontinuation, Friends+Me remains valuable for its support of other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools

top-21-social-media-management-tools-1-13 Incorporating social media management software into your strategy is crucial, as it offers a plethora of tools for effectively managing and updating multiple accounts. These tools not only save time but also keep you abreast of industry trends and shifts.

Key advantages include:

  • Managing Multiple Accounts: These tools simplify handling various profiles across different platforms, a common challenge in social media management.
  • Staying Updated with Brand Mentions: They enable businesses to connect with consumers on a larger scale, fostering robust relationships and creating a community of consumers.
  • Scheduling Content Effectively: These tools come with content scheduler features, helping to optimize your posting strategy.
  • Analyzing Performance: They offer insights into the effectiveness of your strategies, allowing for tailored approaches and continuous improvement.

How Your Business Can Benefit

top-21-social-media-management-tools-2-12 An excellent social media management tool not only provides convenient analytics but also offers engagement, publishing, and scheduling features in one place. This consolidation is invaluable for your personal or corporate brand, offering deeper insights than native tools.

For example, Agorapulse, a popular monitoring tool, offers comprehensive reports on community management activities and brand awareness. It also tracks hashtags and their engagement levels, providing valuable insights for your strategy.

Final Thoughts

The significance of social media in communication and marketing is undeniable. With advancements in global technology, managing, leveraging, and scaling social media marketing has become more accessible through these essential tools.

Now is the time to embrace these social media management services to amplify your success. Best of luck in your endeavors!

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