Oct 09, 2023
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Increase Engagement With an Instagram Stories Takeover

Expanding engagement and reach on Instagram can be effectively achieved through a Stories takeover. Collaborating with influencers or content creators for a takeover allows for creative storytelling with your brand's products or services. Here are some tips to optimize your Instagram Stories takeover:

Set a Clear Objective

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Every successful marketing campaign begins with a clear goal. Determine what you aim to achieve through the Stories takeover, be it audience growth, product promotion, or heightened engagement. A well-defined goal sets the direction for the campaign, facilitating desired outcomes.

Select the Right Host

Choose a host that resonates with your target market, like an employee, customer, or influencer. Ensure the potential host’s content style and engagement levels align with your brand’s ethos. Review their Instagram activities to confirm if their content appeals to your audience and achieves consistent engagement.

Plan the Launch Date and Duration

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Decide on the takeover's timing and duration well in advance, preferably a month ahead, to allow for thorough preparation. The length of the takeover, whether brief or extended, should align with your campaign objectives.

Choose Between Full and Semi-account Takeover

Deciding whether to opt for a full or semi-account takeover is crucial:

  • Full Account Takeover: The host logs into your account to post directly to your Stories. This approach offers authenticity and real-time interaction but requires trust and security measures, like changing passwords post-takeover.

  • Semi-account Takeover: The host sends content to you for posting. This method provides more control and is less risky but may lack the authenticity of a full takeover.

For brands new to takeovers, starting with a semi-account approach is advisable until gaining confidence in the process.

Implementing these strategies can maximize the impact of your Instagram Stories takeover, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

To ensure a successful Instagram Stories takeover, it’s important to meticulously plan and execute each step. Here's how you can optimize the process:

Establish Clear Takeover Guidelines

Create a set of guidelines for the takeover to maintain a balance between the host's creativity and your brand's messaging. These guidelines should cover aspects like content style, editing requests, and ad disclosure compliance to align with Instagram's rules.

Pitch the Takeover to Potential Hosts

When approaching a potential host, clearly communicate your strategy and reasons for choosing them. Emphasize the mutual benefits of the takeover, such as expanded reach and potential for future collaborations, especially if the host is an emerging influencer.

Promote the Takeover Extensively

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Both parties should actively promote the upcoming takeover. Provide the host with promotional materials, ensuring they tailor the captions to maintain authenticity. Extend promotions beyond Instagram to other social media platforms and email lists to maximize reach.

Execute the Takeover Efficiently

On the day of the takeover, facilitate a smooth execution. For semi-account takeovers, be ready to review and post content promptly. For full account takeovers, provide login details to the host and monitor the content closely, ready to address any issues that may arise.

Analyze the Results


After the takeover, delve into Instagram analytics to evaluate its performance. Assess whether the takeover met your goals and identify areas for improvement. This analysis will refine your strategy for future takeovers.

Plan Your Next Instagram Stories Takeover

Equipped with these guidelines, you're ready to plan a successful Instagram Stories takeover. Set clear objectives, find the right host, and launch your campaign. With careful planning and execution, watch as your engagement levels and reach grow significantly.

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