Dec 23, 2023
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9 Instagram Metrics to Track Your Account’s Success

Managing an Instagram account involves navigating through various metrics to gauge success. Understanding which metrics are crucial and which can be temporarily set aside is key. By utilizing Instagram analytics and third-party tools, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your account's performance.

1. Monitor Your Post Reach

laptop computer on glass-top table Post reach is a critical metric for any Instagram account. It indicates the number of unique users who have seen your post. This metric is vital for increasing brand visibility and converting followers into customers.

If you find a post's reach unsatisfactory, compare it to one of your better-performing posts. Look for differences in hashtags, posting times, and calls-to-action. Analyzing these aspects can help identify areas for improvement.

However, consistently low reach across your posts suggests an engagement issue. Your content might not be engaging enough to prompt Instagram to broaden your reach. In this case, consider strategies like purchasing genuine Instagram likes to enhance visibility and attract non-followers.

2. Track Your Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is another vital metric, representing the percentage of users who like, comment, and share your posts.

Generally, engagement rates from 1-3.5% are considered good, while rates between 3.5-6% are excellent. An engagement rate above 6% is exceptional, indicating that your content resonates well with your audience.

On the other hand, an engagement rate below 1% signals the need for a change in strategy. To boost this, you might start by purchasing authentic Instagram likes for an immediate improvement. Experiment with various posting schedules and content types. Additionally, observing and learning from your competitors can provide valuable insights into engaging content strategies.

3. Focus on Follower Growth

person using Android smartphone Having a substantial follower count is crucial, especially if you aim to market products or become an influencer. However, it's not just about the total number of followers; it's also about understanding the dynamics of follower growth. Analyze how many followers you’re gaining and losing over time.

As you track this growth, identify patterns. For instance, a significant drop following a controversial post, or a surge after a Live video. Use these insights to refine your Instagram marketing strategy.

4. Analyze Hashtag Performance

Using hashtags on Instagram is a must, but the real question is: which hashtags yield the best results? Measure hashtag performance using a third-party analytics tool. This allows you to identify which hashtags are most effective in driving engagement and increasing your follower base. Then, incorporate these high-performing hashtags into more of your posts.

While frequent use of these hashtags is beneficial, avoid using them in every post. A diverse hashtag strategy is key to preventing your account from looking spammy.

5. Track Your Sales

If you're utilizing Instagram Shopping, monitoring sales analytics is essential to gauge your shop's performance.

Initial sales might be modest as it takes time to build momentum for shops on the platform. However, you should expect growth over time.

If you're not meeting your sales targets after a few months, it’s wise to analyze competitive shops in your niche. Determine what they offer that your shop doesn't, and use these insights to enhance your shop's appeal.

6. Identify the Optimal Time to Post

brown analog clock Understanding the best times to post can significantly impact engagement. This metric, often accessible via third-party analytics tools, is based on historical engagement data. Knowing the optimal posting times allows you to share content when your audience is most active, thereby increasing engagement opportunities.

7. Monitor Website Traffic

If your Instagram bio includes a link to your website, tracking the traffic from this source is important. If the traffic is lower than expected, consider revising your call-to-action strategies to encourage more bio link clicks. Keeping an eye on this metric will inform you whether your current approach is effective or needs adjustments.

8. Evaluate Engagement on Reels

Reels have become a critical feature on Instagram for enhancing brand visibility and expanding reach. Therefore, closely monitoring the engagement levels of your Reels is vital. Use the analytics data to refine your approach in creating and sharing Reels, ensuring they resonate well with your audience.

9. Analyze Your Stories' Performance

person using MacBook pro Instagram Stories are an excellent tool for engaging with your audience and increasing your follower count. Pay attention to the watch-through and completion rates of your Stories.

If you notice a significant drop-off at a particular point in a Story, review that segment to understand what might have caused viewers to lose interest. Learning from these insights allows you to refine your approach and avoid similar issues in the future.

Conversely, if a Story performs exceptionally well, analyze what worked and apply those strategies to future Stories. While it's crucial not to repeat the same content, you can replicate successful engagement tactics.

Prioritize These Key Metrics

While there are many metrics available for analysis, the ones outlined above are amongst the most crucial for Instagram success. As you grow more comfortable with these core analytics, you can gradually start incorporating additional metrics into your analysis. Remember, there’s no need to rush this process; expand your monitoring scope at your own pace, ensuring you're ready to effectively manage the additional data.

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