Jan 24, 2024
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7 Tips for Instagram Influencers

When Instagram debuted on October 6, 2010, it was a relatively unknown app for sharing photos. Over the next ten years, Instagram's popularity skyrocketed, transforming it into a major social media platform used by millions daily.

Initially a platform for sharing personal photos, Instagram has evolved into a significant tool for marketing and networking. Presently, successful Instagram influencers earn substantial incomes by promoting their ventures and partnering with brands.

However, becoming a successful Instagram influencer requires more than just setting up an account and posting pictures. It's crucial to have a strategic approach to amass a significant following. For those starting as Instagram influencers, here are some essential tips:

1. Define Your Niche Clearly

With over 1 billion active Instagram accounts worldwide, trying to appeal to everyone is impractical. To effectively grow your audience and follower count, it's vital to select a specific niche. The vast user base of Instagram means there's a wide array of niches available.

Some of the most popular niches include travel, health/fitness, fashion, beauty, food/cooking, and lifestyle. When choosing a niche, it's advisable to pick a topic you are genuinely interested in and passionate about. This passion will aid in positioning yourself as an expert and enable you to produce content that truly engages your audience.

2. Master the Art of Hashtags

gold and pink heart and heart cards While your followers will naturally see your posts, gaining a larger audience when you're starting as an Instagram influencer takes time. This is where the strategic use of hashtags becomes crucial. Proper hashtag usage can expose your content to users who don’t yet follow you, especially when they search for specific terms.

Avoid the pitfall of using random hashtags. Instead, invest in hashtag analytic tools to identify targeted hashtags that are frequently searched. Several user-friendly hashtag analytics tools are available to assist you in this process.

3. Diversify Your Content Types

Top Instagram influencers don't limit themselves to just posting photos occasionally. To attract and retain followers, you should offer diverse content types. While photos are fundamental, don't forget to enrich your Instagram stories, and also include videos, IGTV, and reels. Varied content types will keep your Instagram page engaging and up-to-date.

4. Engage Actively With Your Followers

3 women sitting on bench near the flowers A critical aspect of being an Instagram influencer is fostering a connection with your audience that transcends just being another Instagram account. To encourage audience growth and engagement, actively interact with your followers in the comments of your posts. Dedicating a few hours each week to respond to comments or questions helps build a loyal community and strengthens your brand.

5. Establish a Consistent Posting Routine

Becoming an Instagram influencer requires commitment and regular activity. Building a brand and following is challenging with infrequent postings. However, avoid overloading your page with too many posts daily. It’s wise to set up a posting schedule to ensure your page remains fresh and engaging.

If managing your Instagram updates becomes overwhelming, consider partnering with a social media marketing agency. A competent agency will understand your brand and voice, and can manage posting captivating content on your behalf.

6. The Controversial Approach: Buying Likes and Followers

7-tips-for-instagram-influencers-2-56 Gaining a large audience organically takes time. During the initial stages of establishing your brand as an Instagram influencer, you might contemplate purchasing likes and followers. Several companies offer such services in a straightforward manner. While this can offer a temporary boost, focus on organic growth for long-term success.

7. Choose Partners and Sponsors Judiciously

A primary objective for Instagram influencers is monetizing their influence. When opportunities for paid sponsorships arise, it’s crucial to evaluate them carefully. Partner with brands that align with your niche and resonate with your audience.

Accepting sponsorships indiscriminately, especially those not fitting your brand, can be detrimental in the long run. Ensure that any paid partnership is with a company that appeals to your followers. Additionally, balance paid posts to avoid overwhelming your audience, as excessive sponsored content can detract from your established brand identity.


The burgeoning influencer market is projected to see companies spending over $3 billion on collaborations with social media influencers in 2021, a figure anticipated to grow in 2022. While there is substantial earning potential in being an Instagram influencer, it’s far from a quick path to wealth.

Achieving success as an Instagram influencer demands considerable effort, patience, and an effective marketing strategy. It's unrealistic to expect a rapid surge in followers, from a single follower to thousands, in just weeks. However, with a clearly defined niche, a commitment to creating compelling content, and savvy marketing, your follower base is bound to grow. As your audience increases over time, so do your opportunities to monetize your influence through paid partnerships, sponsorships, and even selling your own products.

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