Dec 10, 2023
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10 Ways to Use Instagram Stories’ Stickers

Instagram's shift from the swipe-up link feature in Stories to link stickers offers a new avenue for boosting engagement and conversions. Now available to all users, link stickers can be a versatile tool. Here are some effective ways to use them:

1. Drive Traffic to Blog Posts

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Link stickers can be used subtly, such as directing followers to blog posts or related content. Start by creating compelling content that will interest your Instagram audience. Pair this with an eye-catching visual that conveys the essence of your content, intriguing viewers to learn more. Add a link sticker to guide them directly to your blog or content page.

2. Expand Your Email List

Despite evolving digital marketing trends, email marketing remains effective. Use link stickers to grow your email list by offering incentives like free guides or checklists. Showcase these offers in your Stories and include a link to the sign-up page, making it simple for viewers to join your list.

3. Boost Video Views

man using smartphone If you're creating content for platforms like YouTube or your website, leverage Stories to promote your videos. Use an engaging image featuring a video thumbnail and some inviting text. A link sticker can then direct followers to watch the full video, increasing views and engagement.

4. Highlight Your Products

While having an Instagram shop is beneficial, amplifying your product promotion via Stories can be highly effective. Showcase your best-selling items with captivating images and a compelling call to action, accompanied by a link sticker for direct purchases.

Remember, balance is key. Overloading your Stories with promotional content can be off-putting. Mix in different types of content to maintain audience interest and engagement.

5. Enhance Product Pre-sales

Link stickers can be effectively used to promote a pre-sale event for an upcoming product. Create a landing page for the pre-sale and use a Story with a link sticker to drive traffic and sales. Build anticipation by gradually releasing information about the product, so by the time you introduce the link, your audience is eager and ready to make purchases.

6. Showcase Holiday Deals

10-ways-to-use-instagram-stories-link-stickers-2-64 Leverage the festive mood by promoting holiday deals through Stories. Create an engaging, holiday-themed graphic that catches the eye. You might also design a holiday-themed landing page for your product or service, adding to the festive experience while promoting your deals.

7. Boost Virtual Event Registrations

With the growing popularity of virtual events, Instagram can be a powerful tool to increase attendance. When announcing such events, include a Story with a link sticker directing to the registration page. Use graphics that encourage immediate action, like “Register Now,” to drive registrations and gauge the expected turnout ahead of the event.

8. Promote Giveaways and Contests

Instagram is an excellent platform for boosting engagement through contests and giveaways. Even if the giveaway is hosted off-site, use Instagram Stories to inform your followers. Add a link sticker to the contest registration page to facilitate easy participation. Combine this with engaging visuals and an attractive prize to see a significant increase in participation.

9. Recruit Talent Through Stories

man doing breakdancing on gray surface Instagram isn't just for marketing products; it's also an effective recruitment tool. When you have job openings, announce them through Stories and include a link to the job application or description. This approach taps into the vast pool of potential candidates on Instagram, reaching individuals who might not frequent traditional job boards but could be perfect for your team.

10. Promote Others for Reciprocity

Incorporating reciprocity into your marketing can be highly beneficial. Use link stickers to give shoutouts to relevant, non-competitive blog posts or content within your niche. This act of promoting others often leads to reciprocal gestures, where these businesses might return the favor by featuring your content, products, or services. This strategy not only provides value to your followers but can also open doors to new promotional opportunities.

With these creative ideas, you're ready to enhance your Instagram Stories using link stickers. Experiment with these various approaches and closely monitor your analytics to understand your audience's preferences. Adjust your strategy based on these insights to maximize engagement and achieve your marketing goals.

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