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How to Start?

  1. 1

    Download Hiketop+ App

    Android .apk file, iOS via TestFlight.

  2. 2

    Login with your account

    We suggest using a second account.

  3. 3

    Earn coins (💎)

    Complete simple tasks (like, follow, comment) to earn coins manually or automatically in background with AutoBot.

  4. 4

    Get Likes & Followers

    Exchange coins to likes, followers or comments for any Instagram account.

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Frequently asked questions

🤔 How it works?

The app allows its users to exchange different activities, such as follows and likes. In other words, Hiketop+ works by a principle of "like4like", "follow4follow" etc.

🍎 How to install on iPhone?

Hiketop+ is a free app for iPhone (iOS), it is available via TestFlight. Check the instructions on get.hiketop.com to install the app.

🔒 Is it safe for my account?

Yes, you have complete control over all actions performed by the application. You login into the application via the built-in browser (WebView), so any sensitive information related to your account is kept only on your device. We have no direct access to your password. Explore our Privacy Policy for more details.

💯 Will I get real Instagram followers and likes?

Sure. There are no bots in Hiketop+. Other users are as real as yourself. All the followers, likes, and comments you get from the app are real too. We're committed to providing only authentic engagement among our users.

🎯 How to get Instagram followers from my own country?

Easily. While using Hiketop+, you can choose the desired region: Europe, Latin America, etc. Thanks to that you will be interacting mostly with users from the same region as yours, thus getting more relevant followers and likes.

🧐 Will I lose likes/followers if I remove the app?

Of course not! The Hiketop+ is just a platform that helps you to exchange Instagram likes and followers. All the Instagram account growth achieved thanks to the app remains with you.

💬 Can I get more comments using the app?

Yes, absolutely. We have the comments exchange feature as well. If you wish to get plenty of emoji comments in 1 click, you should try our Generator Feature in the app!

🌟 What other features do you have to promote Instagram?

You can also get free Instagram views (both Reels and Stories) and Post Saves with Hiketop+. It is quite useful to boost your views if you want your reels to become viral and appear in recommendations.

👥 Can I use the app with many accounts at the same time?

Yes. "Multiaccount" feature allows you to log into several accounts and switch between them in 1 click.

🤷‍♂️ Can I try the app without entering my login and password

Yes, you can! After you download the app, just click the "Demo Mode" button on the main screen and explore all the features available.

🧑‍💻 I have a question! How to contact support?

There are plenty of videos about our app on YouTube and other platforms, you can find a lot of useful information regarding the app there. But if you still need help or have any questions - visit our Telegram, we have a large community willing to assist you.