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How to Start?

  1. 1

    Download Hiketop+ App

    Android .apk file, iOS via TestFlight.

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    Login with your account

    We suggest using a second account.

  3. 3

    Earn coins (💎)

    Complete simple tasks (like, follow, comment) to earn coins manually or automatically in background with AutoBot.

  4. 4

    Get Likes & Followers

    Exchange coins to likes, followers or comments for any Instagram account.

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Frequently asked questions

🤔 How it works?

The app allows its users to exchange different activities, such as follows and likes. In other words, Hiketop+ works by a principle of "like4like", "follow4follow" etc.

📲 How to install on iPhone?

You can install Hiketop+ for iOS via TestFlight. Follow the instructions on the download page.

🔒 Is it safe for my account?

Yes, you have complete control over all actions performed by the application. You login into the application via the built-in browser (WebView), so any sensitive information related to your account is kept only on your device. We have no direct access to your password. Explore our Privacy Policy for more details.

💯 Will I get real Instagram likes and followers?

Sure. There are no bots in Hiketop+. All the followers, likes, and comments you get from the app are real. We're committed to providing authentic engagement among our users.

🎯 How to get targeted Instagram followers?

Easy. You can choose a prioritized region from which you will get the most of likes and followers.

💰 Can I buy Instagram followers and likes?

Yes, please navigate to smmbox.shop. We have plenty of different Instagram promotion services available, including Instagram Views and Comments.